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Alex Edevane’s 1% M.O.L.B. Wealth Formula

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about Commando Alex’s 1% M.O.L.B. Wealth Formula… Here’s a combat boot kick in the right direction…

The price goes up 12 hours from now!

Alex Edevanes Wealth Formula

This thing has been flying off the virtual shelf and now the price must go up.

Those who hustled and were the first to enlist for the 1% M.O.L.B. Wealth Formula are having their minds blown…

…and now their eyes are truly open to the kind of money they should have been making all along with their affiliate business.

Alex Edevanes Wealth Formula

This is the same exact system people paid Alex $12,000 to teach them when he was underground.

It’s worth that and a whole lot more to anyone who can follow simple step-by-step directions.

Check out what Alex’s special training has done for these affiliate soldiers…

Collin made over SIX GRAND in 2 weeks and says:

“Funny thing is, I used to work two whole months to produce this kind of income in my 8-5 job.”

Elizabeth says:

“…it really feels like having you here by my side coaching me every step of the way.”

Gregor says:

“Many products out there are presented with “You have never seen this before.” Well, being someone who has bought quite a few programs I can honestly say, ‘Alex, I have never seen this before’!”

Alex Edevanes Wealth Formula

Emails like this are jamming Commando Alex’s inbox by the hour.

The buzz on this product has been huge and, needless to say, the elite “one percent” aren’t happy about it. They’re used to keeping all that Internet marketing money for themselves…

And by now they’ve seen what Alex reveals in the 1% M.O.L.B. Wealth Formula and they’re wetting their silk britches over the fact that everyone who gets a copy will infiltrate their exclusive earnings bracket.

And they’re right…

Those who lay their eyes on the M.O.L.B. Wealth Formula will be sucking money out of the Internet like a tornado over a tin can.

That’s all money that the one percent used to hog for themselves. We’ll, sorry fellas, those days are over. Next we’ll be moving into your gated communities and eating in your exclusive restaurants, too.

Alex Edevanes Wealth Formula

But you’ve gotta get moving right now. There’s only twelve hours left to get M.O.L.B. at launch day pricing. Then we have to pick up and move camp. After that the price goes closer to what it’s really worth.

There’s even an 8 week “no-fail” money back guarantee. If you don’t make a ton of money with M.O.L.B., Alex won’t take a dime of yours.

I hope you get this time.

Talk soon

Alex Edevanes Wealth Formula

Project Quick Cash – Clickbank Secrets

I just finished reading a great ebook called Project Quick Cash after my brother Matt recommended it to me.

You can read all about it here:

Project Quick Cash

Project Quick CashNow the writer of this ebook isn’t a big guru or even a marketer with a huge budget to spend on adwords or anything.

No this guy is just like you and he was still able to earn over $13,150 from just 2 hours of work.

Alok Jain, the creator of this product, is giving away five (yes, five) quick, smart, easy and zero/low cost techniques that you can use to make hefty profits in just 30 minutes from now..

Project Quick Cash

Here’s the kind of money that he has made using the same techniques that he is going to teach you in this new product:

  • $13,150 in commissions for just 2 hours of work and a cost of under $30..

  • Over $700 per month generated with 30 minutes of fooling around, at zero cost..

and so on..

The best part is… all the techniques described in this ebook are super easy to implement. You don’t need any technical skills to profit from them. Plus most of the techniques are cost-free..

Alok told me that he has created “Project Quick Cash” to empower the common man to make a healthy living online. And after seeing his product, I know exactly what he means. The techniques are so smart and simple, that anyone – I repeat, anyone can use them to create hefty income streams online..

Project Quick Cash

Just check it out

Talk soon

Are You As Smart As Britney? Membership Superstars

No… I’m not kidding.

How can Britney afford to party day and night without doing any work?

She’s smart.

See… I said it again.


Because Britney does NOT just sing a song one time in exchange for payment.

Britney records a song one time, but she keeps getting paid for it month after month after month.

It’s called recurring revenue and it’s why Britney does not wake on the first day of the month and wonder how she’s going to survive the month financially. She already knows she has another 800k coming in – like clockwork.

Are you as smart as Britney?

Are you still making a sale and getting paid just once?

Or are you making a sale once and getting paid month after month after month?

If not, then you need to pay very close attention to this:

Shawn Casey and Marc Goldman take in millions from their online membership sites. They make one sale and keep getting paid month after month!

With thousands of people in their sites.

And for a very limited time, they’ve made it dirt cheap for you to get their step-by-step video training… all 5 1/2 hours!

But I got you an even better deal!

Make sure you take advantage of the coupon code you’ll see when you follow this link!

Go Grab It Now:

Join Membership Superstars

Just 2 more important things I want to mention:

1 – I’ve reviewed this course and it blows some of the courses I’ve seen that cost 10 times as much!

2 – Don’t wait on this because they’re only letting offer the special coupon discount for a couple of days.

Join Membership Superstars

To you success,

Blogging to the Bank 2

Following recommendations from my good friend Phil Wiley I bought a bunch of new stuff on Monday.

A couple of the things I’m still evaluating. If they pan out I’ll tell you about them later.

One of my purchases was the new version of Blogging to the Bank by Rob Benwell.

The first edition of BTTB didn’t do much for me. It had some black hat ideas in it that I really didn’t like much and the rest of the book left me a bit cool about the whole thing. To a great extent, that all put me off of Rob Benwell too – and as a result I didn’t pay much attention to what he was up to.

That foolish attitude changed when I went to Yanik Silver’s Underground Seminar and Rob Benwell was one of the featured speakers.

He hadn’t spoken in public before and was clearly very nervous, but I think everyone in the audience was impressed with the information he imparted. What made him stand out in particular was that unlike virtually all the other speakers, who used the opportunity to sell expensive products and mentoring programs from the stage, Rob just gave everything away. He gave everyone there copies of his books and software. He was by far the most generous speaker of all, and the audience greatly appreciated him.

I had a brief chance to chat with him and got the impression that he is an honest, straightforward young man who is really doing what so many people simply talk about. In other words, he is the genuine article.

So considering all that I didn’t bother to email him and ask for a review copy of his new book, I bought it.

Blogging to the Bank 2 is a good book for people who are new to the world of blogging. It will show you how to set up your blogs the right way, how to create or find content for them, how to uncover niches to blog about, and most importantly, how to make money from them.

If you have never built a blog before, or if you have made one or two but have never managed to make them pay, then I strongly recommend Blogging to the Bank 2. It will start you out in the right direction without any silly gimmicks that will go out of fashion or get you banned.

If you are already experienced in blogging though, Rob Benwell’s book is probably not for you. You will certainly find one or two ideas that you can use, but overall the book is intended for the less experienced.

I have several blogs, but don’t consider myself a blogging expert. I’m certainly not as experienced in the subject as some of my friends. As a result, I found Blogging to the Bank 2 to be a useful addition to my virtual bookshelf – and yes, I have printed it out for posterity!

Download Blogging to the Bank 2!

ClickBank Rss

Dear Webmaster Jungle,

My latest software called CB RSS has just been released!

Check out a demo video here: Clickbank RSS

I’m excited about this because it finally brings the power of RSS to Clickbank. Enabling you to create customized, niche RSS feeds all coded with your unique Clickbank affiliate ID.

Who is this software for?

Anyone who wants to monetize the website traffic.

  • If you run white hat websites or blogs, this software can make you more money.
  • If you create blackhat sites this software can make you more money.
  • If you create auto-generated websites or blogs, this software can make you more money.

View the Demo