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Alex Edevane’s 1% M.O.L.B. Wealth Formula

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about Commando Alex’s 1% M.O.L.B. Wealth Formula… Here’s a combat boot kick in the right direction…

The price goes up 12 hours from now!

Alex Edevanes Wealth Formula

This thing has been flying off the virtual shelf and now the price must go up.

Those who hustled and were the first to enlist for the 1% M.O.L.B. Wealth Formula are having their minds blown…

…and now their eyes are truly open to the kind of money they should have been making all along with their affiliate business.

Alex Edevanes Wealth Formula

This is the same exact system people paid Alex $12,000 to teach them when he was underground.

It’s worth that and a whole lot more to anyone who can follow simple step-by-step directions.

Check out what Alex’s special training has done for these affiliate soldiers…

Collin made over SIX GRAND in 2 weeks and says:

“Funny thing is, I used to work two whole months to produce this kind of income in my 8-5 job.”

Elizabeth says:

“…it really feels like having you here by my side coaching me every step of the way.”

Gregor says:

“Many products out there are presented with “You have never seen this before.” Well, being someone who has bought quite a few programs I can honestly say, ‘Alex, I have never seen this before’!”

Alex Edevanes Wealth Formula

Emails like this are jamming Commando Alex’s inbox by the hour.

The buzz on this product has been huge and, needless to say, the elite “one percent” aren’t happy about it. They’re used to keeping all that Internet marketing money for themselves…

And by now they’ve seen what Alex reveals in the 1% M.O.L.B. Wealth Formula and they’re wetting their silk britches over the fact that everyone who gets a copy will infiltrate their exclusive earnings bracket.

And they’re right…

Those who lay their eyes on the M.O.L.B. Wealth Formula will be sucking money out of the Internet like a tornado over a tin can.

That’s all money that the one percent used to hog for themselves. We’ll, sorry fellas, those days are over. Next we’ll be moving into your gated communities and eating in your exclusive restaurants, too.

Alex Edevanes Wealth Formula

But you’ve gotta get moving right now. There’s only twelve hours left to get M.O.L.B. at launch day pricing. Then we have to pick up and move camp. After that the price goes closer to what it’s really worth.

There’s even an 8 week “no-fail” money back guarantee. If you don’t make a ton of money with M.O.L.B., Alex won’t take a dime of yours.

I hope you get this time.

Talk soon

Alex Edevanes Wealth Formula

Internet Article Wizard is a Hit!

As a follow up on our original post about Internet Article Wizard

Instant Article Wizard

Look at some of these comments from the Warrior Forum members about IAW 2.0:

========================================== IAW is brilliant because it makes me look brilliant…thanks Jon

Morry Zelcovitch

This is absolutely one of the coolest software products I’ve ever seen.

John, you really hit it out of the park on this one.

Thanks for creating something so cool!

Ross Goldberg

WHOA — this thing is FAST! I can’t believe how easy it makes article writing.

This software changes everything. Definitely beats spinning.

Thanks Jonathan..

Mark Wieser

Combine a niche keyword research tool with this great software and you have got a powerhouse!

The software works just great and is VERY fast. BUM marketers rejoice!


All I Can Say Is –


This will definitely be a welcome addition to my marketing tool arsenal.

Best regards

Ron Ultra Bum Marketing LIVE – LIFETIME Subscription – From Niche Selection through Monetization

======================================== Version 2 is great! This stands high above the original stand alone version and does as good if not better as the online pro version does. Thanks Jonathan for another great piece of software that’s usable and affordable for the “average Joe”.

I’ve already started truning out some more stuff for the blog, and I love how I can sound like an expert about things I may only know a little about.


Good tool, great service. Thanks Jonathan.


In one word…Wow!

I must be one of the pickiest software buyer out there and this software rocks!

I’ve bought it and it literally took minutes to create a short article. There was absolutely no learning curve and this is especially important if you have not bought the previous version. I’m confident that IAW 2.0 will become one of my frequently used tools.

Great job, Jon!

Tom Chuong

This new version is a great improvement. Much faster and therefore much better for rapid creation of articles.

What I like about IAW is that it doesn’t take initiative or creativity away from the user. It just saves an enormous amount of time.

Worth its weight in gold – especially at the current ?/$ conversion rate. 🙂


Hi Jonathan,

SSSSSShhhhhhhhhhhh. Don’t tell anyone about this. Oooops…too late.

It only took about two minutes of the overview for me to be ready to hit the “Buy” button. Anyone who writes articles would be crazy to not check out Instant Article Wizard. At this price it is an absolute nobrainer.

If it were possible to make article writing any easier, someone else would have to write them for you… and do it for free. This is going to be one welcome addition to my arsenal of tools.


Jay Michael

I got IAW 1.0 few months ago,it was sitting in my hard drive because I thought that trying other tools (spinners) will save me time.

I was wrong,all the “stuff” that the spinners created was barely readable!.

I started using IAW,and my articles are of a very good quality. Ready to send to any place that I want.

Now with IAW 2.0 ,faster and easier,thanks Jonathan…

Mario Olivers

Instant Article Wizard 2.0 Rocks!!!

In a couple of words,… Thank You!

This Software is amazing…. If you have been writing articles and submitting them to article directories, or selling them and getting profits, chances are that your room is plenty of reading material. Your computer full of websites, eBooks, or any sort of information gathered in many ways.

Well, the days of huge piles of books bought with the hope of getting some information from them to write your articles is over.

Jonathan’s software brings all relevant information to write your article in minutes. It gets you started right away and you could have a complete article in a record time. (less than 10 minutes) And what is more valuable is that this excellent tool (Instant Article Wizard 2.0) helps you to write about subjects you know nothing about.

Some people are against this concept claiming that it is not a responsible writer who would write as an expert about subjects he has no experience about. I say to these people, when you are studying and you get an assignment about a subject you know nothing about, how do you tackle the task?

Of course, by doing research and putting in your own words what you learned. Now, somehow, you are an expert on what you wrote.

You can think on IAW 2.0, as a restless, efficient assistant who will give every information you require. And even more important, with sentences correctly structured for the web.

Introduction, body paragraphs based on keywords(subtopics) and conclusion. And it counts the words as you go. Its easy to plan writing about 300 words and end with 1500 without even notice it.

Now you will have extra time to do whatever you want to.You can start low writing only 5 articles a day that would take you about 3 hours with editing and all and the rest of the time, you can spend it with your family and friends.

Ask me about it if you have any doubt about it.

Paul Marin

Jonathan Leger is on my credit cards A list. 😉

Whenever he releases a new product, I usually purchase first and see what it does later. I don’t suggest this type of method to buy your products but I’m just making a point that his software and script creations are that good.

IAW version 2 is no exception…

I’ve been using the original version since it went on sale and it sits in my “daily tools” folder on my desktop.

I have also made some great money as an affiliate of Jonathans products, which is a great plus.

One of the main reasons I purchase from him is because he is a software developer and anytime you have questions or want to suggest some new features for his products, he is right back at you with an email to respond to your concerns.

Do yourself a favor and pick up this nifty tool while its at this giveaway price.

Thanks Jon and keep the great products coming. 😉

Take care, Kenneth Fox

Professional Blog Hosting & SEO

Hello Jonathan,

This thing rocks. PERIOD! If people don’t realize what they can do in a matter of minutes with this tool then they just don’t get it. Bottome line it is UNIQUE content that is kicking right now and what is being required of the S.E.’s to gain that advantage.

Sure you can take PLR content and modify it a bit so that it is “unique” but it is not the same as having an ENTIRE article that is unique. Content spinners, although there are some better than others, can only do what you tell them to do or define for them to spin and USUALLY it is on a word by word or phrase by phrase basis and IMHO their intelligence just isn’t their yet.

YOUR tool pulls in ENTIRE sentences from various resources and allows me to put something together VERY unique and very readable that makes sense. It SERIOUSLY levels the playing field when it comes to writing unique content making me an expert in any field practically.

Can you say expert verbiage?

This thing is powerful and even though a content spinner can whip out articles by the hundreds AFTER you set it up defining all the words/phrases you want spun they are not going to be AS unique as if the ENTIRE article was put together from scratch. Plus they don’t always make sense.

The chances of two people building the same article with your tool is practically impossible because of the combinations one can choose from AND the unlimited ability to add more and more research terms to the tool adding more UNIQUE content to the mix!

I can go on and on about this tool but seriously it boils down to the end user. Either they are going spin their content, outsource their content or create their own unique content because IMHO that is more powerful. IF you create your own then this is the tool you need.

Even if you outsource it to an article writer who is part of your staff then you want them to have this tool because it will make their job easier AND they can produce UNIQUE articles faster. If you outsource your articles at five bucks a pop then add up what you’d pay for ten articles ($5 x 10 = $50) and you can afford this tool which will allow you reproduce UNLIMITED UNIQUE articles within minutes.

I am seriously loving this tool as you can see and NO Jonathan did not pay me for this post although he should!

Bottomline is my unique articles will outrank your modified PLR articles anytime. It takes me less me roughly 5 to 6 minutes to produce one unique article so in an hour I can produce about 10 to 12 articles. I usually spend about one hour doing that and then have my assistant take over and create more.

This thing is too easy.


Mark Ress

Check this fantastic tool out now at:

Instant Article Wizard

You can thank me later!

Costa Dedes Traffic System

I was chatting with Costa Dedes the other night – found out he lives about 50 miles from me, which makes the internet seem like a really small place… anyway…

He has released a brand new book how to generate thousands of hits to your website or blog each and every day. Best of all – what he talks about is not something that only a guru can do or anything else. It is plain and simple things that anyone can do to get the traffic they want to their site.

Read on…

As you’re reading this, your competition is squashing you.

It doesn’t have to be that way, but they know something you don’t. They understand one of the best-kept secrets in Internet marketing.

They’re getting thousands of free visitors each day from the search engines.

And I bet you think it’s too hard to figure out.

Well, it’s not. It’s easy.

I’m going to show you the strategies that one guy used to get his brand-new website to #2 on Google… in less then 30 days.

Skeptical? Here’s proof. Just follow this link:

Costa Dedes Traffic System

And good luck with your business!

Have a great day!

P.S. I have to admit, this really drives me crazy. I’ve seen hundreds of entrepreneurs like you completely stagnant because they never learned what you’re about to discover.

And the best part is that it’s not hard. And it’s definitely not rocket science.

Find out why: Costa Dedes Traffic System

tom traffic system

Jon’s Instant Article Wizard Review

I think you probably know that article writing is an outstanding way to generate traffic to your site, both from article directories and from the links the articles provide which help your search engine rankings.

I’ve done case studies in the past that demonstrated how easy it was to generate hundreds of unique visitors in just a couple of weeks by writing a few articles and submitting them to just 3 of the big article sites.

The problem with writing articles isn’t the actual writing — that’s the easy part — it’s the research. It takes a long time to research articles, especially if you’re not already familiar with the subject that you’re wanting to write about. Well, it USED to take a long time to do that research, but it doesn’t anymore!

jonThe reason why is a software package created by Jon Leger called Instant Article Wizard. This software does all of the research gathering for you – FAST. I can’t explain how powerful this software is as easily as I can SHOW you how powerful it is, so I’ve created two videos that you should watch showing it in action:

(If you’re familiar with the original IAW, you have GOT to see the new version–it blows the old one away!)

A basic overview of how the software works:

Instant Article Wizard

An example of me gathering all of the research for an article (in a subject I know nothing about) in less than 8 minutes:

Instant Article Wizard

Here’s to your success!