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Are You As Smart As Britney? Membership Superstars

No… I’m not kidding.

How can Britney afford to party day and night without doing any work?

She’s smart.

See… I said it again.


Because Britney does NOT just sing a song one time in exchange for payment.

Britney records a song one time, but she keeps getting paid for it month after month after month.

It’s called recurring revenue and it’s why Britney does not wake on the first day of the month and wonder how she’s going to survive the month financially. She already knows she has another 800k coming in – like clockwork.

Are you as smart as Britney?

Are you still making a sale and getting paid just once?

Or are you making a sale once and getting paid month after month after month?

If not, then you need to pay very close attention to this:

Shawn Casey and Marc Goldman take in millions from their online membership sites. They make one sale and keep getting paid month after month!

With thousands of people in their sites.

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